Thursday, October 07, 2004

Oh No! American Gangster Dropped!!!

This is heart-breaking news for me!

Antoine Fuqua, just got canned by Universal, this was the re-teaming of Fuqua (Director) and Denzel Washington (actor) who both worked on Training Day!

'Days after director Antoine Fuqua ankled over creative differences, "American Gangster" has been rubbed out by Universal Pictures.

The film's cancellation came after the studio spent several days trying to find a director to replace Fuqua, one who might have given a hardcore crime film a broader commercial appeal. Ultimately, sources said studio brass decided that the developments would only escalate a budget that was hovering in the $80 million range and would be difficult to recoup given the subject matter.

Universal confirmed that the film was finished, citing time constraints and creative elements as its reason.

"We thank the actors and crew who worked on this project for their time and dedication," a spokesman said. "We look forward to making future projects with Denzel Washington, Benicio Del Toro and all of the individuals that were involved in the development of this project."' - Michael Fleming/Variety

I am devastated! When I found out what happened I'll write up the details for you.


Blogger sinistaswoll said...

Damn that sucks I always liked Denzel-Which reminds me-Denzel Washington went off on this lady who was giving him an interview when she started bashing Bush. Then the lady went, "Yea thats the problem i have with you people..." and Denzel got all mad and was like, "What do you mean, you people? Do you mean black people, do you mean Christian people, or do you mean Conservative people? because I am all of those."

October 7, 2004 at 11:44 PM  

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