Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Movie Theaters Berating its Customers...Again.

The MPAA is at it again with its latest Fight Piracy ad campaign.

LAist has the details; "...a young with a Internet-ready computer in her room (man, kids these days are so spoiled) is doing her nails, picking her fashion choices for a night out and talking on the phone — all while she downloads a movie off the Internet.

The spot goes on to ask a room of faceless movie-goers who have paid in excess of $10 for an evening at the movies if (a) you'd ever steal a car, (b) or a DVD, (c) or your mother's brand new liver. And since, no, you wouldn't — why would you illegally download a movie on your computer? It is a shoddily made, MTV-wananbe, jerky camera-angled spot that is starting to give people aneurisms around town."

Okay, stop right there. My first question is what they are they bothering me for? I paid for a fucking ticket. If I am willing to pay for a ticket, odds are I'm certainly not downloading movies off the internet. Dumbasses.

This is my personal opinion on the issue. If you have ever downloaded a movie, you're a moron. You're a waste of space. Why?

One, you'll wait hours upon hours for the movie to finish downloading, and it probably isn't even the movie you were looking for, so you'll have to download multiples just to get what you want.

Two, you have no taste and don't expect quality. You're willing to watch a film on a tiny ass monitor with probably shitty eMachines speakers on your desk filled with filled ashtrays and porno mags that have been crusted together from your stale cum because you can't clean up after you finish off.

And three, I fucking hate you because you make me sit through PSA's that have absolutely nothing to do with me. Yeah, you're the fucking man, you're sticking it to them, you're sending a message alright... you're a small minded chimp that should be shot to rid the world of your useless body.

Okay, I'm done. Go about your blogging. :)


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