Sunday, October 03, 2004

Los Angeles Dodgers Make Playoffs

...first time since '96.

I'm not a baseball fan, but I have to root for the home team. This is the first time the Dodgers have made the playoffs without Mike Piazza. Kind of gives hope to other sports in LA, as it was almost strictly a basketball town (until the dynasty crumbled earlier this year).

Would have been in the playoffs a lot earlier than this had Tommy Lasorda still been kicking up dust in the dugout. But no...he had to down a few thousand slimfast's and run around the United States traveling.

Did I mention I saw him last year in Nashville driving go-karts? I did. Craziest fucking thing you've ever seen. Like a scene out of your worst nightmare. At least he put down the milkshake and had two hands on the wheel.

But back to baseball. The Dodgers really can't get any better than this. They've got this crazy fool Milton Bradley...throwing a water bottle back into the stands after a 'fan' threw it out at him, his ass got yanked for the rest of the season. I'm always a supporter of strong player/fan relations.

Time will tell however if they were merely on a lucky streak, or if for once they actually have their act together. It would be nice to see Los Angeles in the finals, going for it all.

Let's hope they have the stamina to do so, lord knows this was unexpected to most of us, probably even them.


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