Sunday, October 03, 2004

Disney Options Crap. Again.

Just last week in a conference, President Bob Iger stated that Disney, basically; '...will focus more of its resources on the family friendly, and more successful, line of Disney-branded pics and away from more adult-friendly Touchstone pics, which have fared poorly at the box office recently.'

And then Friday Walt Disney Pictures picks up a script titled; 'Hip Hop Nanny' for a low six figure deal (probably $300,000-$400,000).

The log line reads:

'A Scottish woman comes to the United States to work as a nanny for a hip hop/rap family.'

Memo to Iger: Fox did this crap back in 1993!

What the hell is that!? Mrs. Doubtfire meets Method & Redman!? What demographic reads that this will be successful?

Oh well. It does wonders for your ego though. If crap like this can get bought, I could pretty much just masturbate onto a piece of paper and pitch it to the suits. It'd totally get sold (low to mid six figures).


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