Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Dimension Gets 'The Ghost.'

Dimension puts a lot of good movies into development, and some not so good movies (::cough:: Scary Movie)...

One that got optioned recently actually looks interesting, a new take, if you will, on a tired genre.

It's called The Ghost, and is an American adaptation of the Korean horror film 'Ryeong.' I suppose Dimension saw the potential when DreamWorks did their version of The Ring back in 2002.

The Ghost's Log Line Reads: 'A teenage girl suffering from amnesia discovers that she is somehow connected to a group of people who are being killed off one by one by a vengeful ghost.'

Roy Lee, Doug Davison and Sonny Mallhi will produce (who are with Vertigo Entertainment).

Sounds cool to me. Revenge movies are cool, throw in a pissed off ghost, and you've sold me a ticket.

By the way, anyone seen that new trailer for the Sarah Michelle Gellar movie The Grudge?

If not, check it out here and tell me what you think!


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