Thursday, October 28, 2004

Bush To Haters, "F**k Off"

Days before the election, Bush says fuck off. Not really but video has been unearthed of the President showing what he calls the “One Finger Victory Salute” Here is the link to the video.


Saturday, October 23, 2004

Go See The Grudge.

Just a quick note tonight.

Ever since I found out Kevin Smith is having a film competition online, I've been very busy, so pardon the delay in posts. I figure I might as well take a swing at it. I'm pretty confident with what I'm developing to submit. I'll keep you posted.

Anywho. So I saw The Grudge tonight with my girlfriend. What a great film. If you see one movie for the rest of the year, catch this one, I promise you won't be disappointed. The Associated Press panned it, calling it mediocre. What fucking theater were they in? This is the best scary movie I've seen, second only to The Changeling with George C. Scott.

I can't wait to find the Japanese film this was based on, I'll probably have to pick it up online, as there are no specialty movie shops around my neck of the woods...but definitely see The Grudge, it's totally worth it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Lindsay Lohan Fake Boob Song.

It had to come to this. Really, it did.

The Lindsay Lohan Fake Boob Song

Garner will Catch and Release.

Catch and Release

Logline: A woman must deal with the untimely death of her husband and the revelation of secrets he kept from her.

Columbia Pictures plopped down the cash, while Susannah Grant, who wrote Erin Brockovich, is penning the script. Jenno Topping (Surviving Christmas, 28 Days, Charlies Angels: Full Throttle) is set to produce. And of Course, Jennifer Garner will take the lead role.

Love-Making Couple Sparks Police Emergency

LONDON (Reuters) - British police sprang into operation after receiving an emergency '999' phone alert from a woman in apparently in some distress -- only to discover it had accidentally been made by a couple having sex.

Officers at Durham in northern England became alarmed when the call came through to their headquarters in the middle of the night and all they could hear was what sounded like a woman crying with a man's voice in the background.

Police traced the number and rushed to the scene, where they found the embarrassed and disheveled couple who explained they were "messing around."

"It happened while they were having sex. The woman had depressed with her foot the '9' button on the phone which happened to be on the floor," a Durham police spokesman told Reuters Wednesday.

"It certainly put a smile on the faces on the police side -- we were just very relieved it wasn't a violent situation and that the couple were clearly getting on very well together."

The Vintage Disney Tour

This really isn't my area; however, I thought I'd pass along this link

The Vintage Tour of 1950's and 60's Disneyland


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

More Crazy Ideas: Dead Asleep.

Logline: A small town becomes infested with a species of killer bugs that come out at night. They burrow inside their victims' bodies, killing people from the inside.

...yeah. I really don't know what to say about that one. It reminds me of that little cockroach skit in the Creepshow flick from the 80's.

The director of Darkness Falls, Jonathan Liebesman is heading this one up, with ContraFilms producing. The writer, Carter Blanchard looks to be a newcomer (wonder why?), I couldn't dig anything up on the guy.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

John Kerry in CHiPs?

With all the talk of old television shows being made into movies ( Dallas, Miami Vice, A-team, etc...) Let’s add one more to the mix. CHiPs. Yes, you read right CHiPs is coming to the big screen and Eric Estrada is already on board to revive his role as Ponch, the lovable Hispanic motorcycle-cop. Larry Wilcox ( Jon from the t.v. show) has decided to set this one out citing “creative differences.”

Time Warner is very tight lipped on his replacement, but I, James Anderson, have acquired photos from the set and now may know the answer to the question the world has been asking, “Who is the new Jon Baker?” The answer could be John Kerry.

Kerry, reportedly already preparing ways to keep his name in the news after his upcoming defeat on Nov. 2 has accepted the role of badge number 8712, Jonathan A. Baker.

The photo above shows Kerry during the filming a high speed chase. Neither Time Warner nor The DNC could be reached for comment.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Friday Flicks: Team America

If you're not down for high school football memories or troubled men looking to dance in theaters this weekend, try Trey Parker & Matt Stone's new movie Team America.

The dou go all out this time, slamming the right wing and the left, and even poking fun at the Hollywood liberals.

I wasn't a fan of the South Park series or movie, however I ignored my reservations and enjoyed it immensely. If you're looking to have a good time at the movies, go check it out.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

New Blog: Query Letters I Love.

"So here's the format: The query letters (or parts of them) are below in quotes. My commentary - if any - follows."

Classic stuff from the whacky world of Hollywood.

Visit MANAGERGUY's blog now: Query Letters I Love

Chris Rock Hosts Academy Awards.

No silly headlines this time.

He's hosting the next Academy Awards ceremony on February 27th, 2005.

"It's about time they poured in some new blood.
I just don't want it coming out of me."

Ah, nothing like a Chris Rock Lethal Weapon 4 qoute.

Dallas Hits the Big Screen.

What the hell is going on?

Miami Vice, The A-Team, Knight Rider, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, and now Dallas.

We know who shot JR. Sigh...

Dallas is based on the hit primetime soap that ran on CBS from '78 to '91. Robert Luketic (dir. Legally Blonde, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!) may be directing the pic. Original Dallas series producer David Jacobs is producing along side Michael Costigan (Asphalt Beach).
Robert Harling, who penned Steel Magnolias as well as The First Wives Club is writing the script.

"Don't forgive and never forget; Do unto others before they do unto you; and third and most importantly, keep your eye on your friends, because your enemies will take care of themselves."

- JR Ewing

Fox Searchlight: Interviews.

Severely old news, but for those of you who may not be aware, Fox Searchlight has been conducting interviews with big industry names like Bryan Singer, Michael Kahn, and Frank Darabont, to name just a few.

The topics range from specific projects they have worked on to their overall opinions on the state of the industry. You may find them insightful, funny, or odd, but always informative.

Feel free to post you opinions on the interviews for discussion.

News: Halo 2 Leaked.

Gamespot is reporting that last night full versions of Halo 2 started popping up across the internet on underground newsgroups as well as peer-to-perr networks.

" allegedly complete version of Microsoft's upcoming first-person shooter Halo 2 was leaked to the Internet. The pirated release, said to be a PAL version of the game with French-language dialogue, is currently making its way around various Usenet newsgroups and peer-to-peer networks."

Oh teh noes! The Frenchies have gone and done it again.


The Ring 2 Trailer

The Ring 2 Trailer: click here foolish mortal!

More Mann News: Miami Vice Movie

Variety reports on the latest news on Miami Vice movie, here are some clips...

Cue the Jan Hammer music: The bigscreen version of "Miami Vice" is coming together now that casting seems to be under way.

Universal is zeroing in on Colin Farrell to star as Det. James "Sonny" Crockett, and the studio is in discussions with Jamie Foxx to star as Det. Ricardo Tubbs in the South Beach sizzler.

Anthony Yarkovich, creator of the TV series, will exec produce.

There's no official word on whether "Vice" will return to the small screen, as well, but NBC Universal brass have clearly elucidated such a strategy as a priority for the newly merged entities. For example, the Peacock recently considered but then aborted a plan to use elaborate sets from U's "Van Helsing" for a similarly monster-themed TV show after the Stephen Sommers-helmed behemoth underperformed.

Foxx, who toplines U's upcoming Ray Charles biopic "Ray," is a hot commodity these days but is clearly committed to working out a deal with U. He recently told niche pub Latino Review that he planned to star as Tubbs and expressed a hope that Mann would helm the pic.

Collateral DVD Info.

Hollywood Reporter got the scoop on what some of the features of the Collateral DVD will be...

When DreamWorks' double-disc "Collateral" DVD hits stores Dec. 14, film buffs will get an unprecedented look into director Michael Mann's style of filmmaking and a view into how stars Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx trained for their roles.

The DVD's bonus materials capture Mann's private exchanges with the cast and crew and include a wealth of footage that unveils the creative and technical process that brought the actioner to life.

"City of Night: The Making of Collateral" highlights footage specifically shot for the DVD, with segments on Cruise as he goes through weapons training, Foxx's preparation with cab drivers and his stunt driving practice and Mann's use of state-of-the-art equipment that enabled him to capture a gritty view of nighttime Los Angeles.

Another DVD bonus feature, "Special Delivery," shows Cruise donning a Federal Express uniform and striding through a busy marketplace in Los Angeles to hand-deliver a package, all captured on hidden camera.

Source: Reuters

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

A-Team Setup @ Fox.

This potential movie franchise just won't die!

Bruce Feirstein (writer, James Bond: The World is not Enough/Everything or Nothing/Tomorrow Never Dies) is writing the script of the popular 80's action series. A-Team series creator Stephen J. Cannell will produce the pic along with Spike Seldin. Mark Silvestri will executive produce. The pic is set up at Twentieth Century Fox

About the new version of the A-Team, creator Stephen J. Cannell had this to say to Variety; "Not to denigrate the TV show, but nobody ever died," Cannell said. "We drove cars off cliffs and people got out and walked away. We're not going to do that (in the movie). In this the tone is more dangerous -- you can really die. It's very tense and exciting."

We'll keep you updated on the progress of the B.A. Baracus mobile as it progresses.

Aftershock: 10.5 Sequel

NBC is getting set to shoot their sequel to last May's '10.5' which garnered them the biggest ratings with the young viewer crowd than any other network in the last two years.

The original's co-writer and director, John Lafia is penning a new script which will pick up where the first one left off...'Parts of California have drifted off into the Pacific Ocean, leaving millions dead or devastated by the destruction. But while shaken survivors might have assumed the worst was over, it turns out the Big One was just the beginning,' says Variety.

'Something's been triggered and it's going to move East, demolishing as many set pieces with major landmarks as we can think of," Lafia said. The sequel "still sticks to the earthquake premise, but enlarges it to include ... the full (range) of earthquake-related events.'

No word on when the sequel is set to air.

Sources: Variety

Monday, October 11, 2004

Sweet Desktop Icons

Pimp out your desktop with these amazing icons, for free!

Star Wars, M.A.S.K., Pirates, Danger Mouse, The Transformers, and more to choose from by following this link:

Icon Factory

Sean Penn goes South Park

The Drudge Report has posted a letter from Sean Penn to the creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, over his dislike for thier new movie, "Team America: World Police" The following is that letter.

"October 6, 2004

To Trey Parker and Matt Stone,

I remember a cordial hello when you guys were beginning to be famous guys around Hollywood at some party. I remember several times getting a few giggles out of your humor. I remember not being bothered as you traded on my name among others to appear witty, above it all, and likeable to your crowd. I never mind being of service, in satire and silliness.

I do mind when anybody who doesn't have a child, doesn't have a child at war, or isn't or won't be in harm's way themselves, is encouraging that there's "no shame in not voting" "if you don't know what you're talking about" (Mr. Stone) without mentioning the shame of not knowing what your talking about, and encouraging people to know. You guys are talented young guys but alas, primarily young guys. It's all well to joke about me or whomever you choose. Not so well, to encourage irresponsibility that will ultimately lead to the disembowelment, mutilation, exploitation, and death of innocent people throughout the world. The vote matters to them. No one's ignorance, indcluding a couple of hip cross-dressers, is an excuse.

All best, and a sincere fuck you,

Sean Penn

P.S. Take this as a personal invitation from me to you (you can ask Dennis Miller along for the ride as well) to escort you on a trip, which I took last Christmas. We'll fly to Amman, Jordan and I'll ride with you in a (?) 12 hours through the Sunni Triangle into Fallujah and Baghdad and I'll show you around. When we return, make all the fun you want. "

George W. Bush Nude

The City Museum of Washington had an exhibit entitled “Funky Furniture” canceled after artist chose to use the exhibit to publicize their political beliefs. There was a church pew accusing Ronald Reagan of ignoring the AIDS epidemic and an end table with a quote from ex-DC mayor Marion Barry inscribed over drug paraphernalia( Marion was once jailed for drug possession.)

But the piece that would have cause the most controversy was a take on the famous painting. “Olympia”. In this version; however, Dick Cheney would serve President Bush, who was laying nude on a couch. Here is the offending painting:

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Christopher Walken Gets Cemented.

On Friday, Christopher Walken was honored for his work at the Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollwyood by placing his hand and feet into cement.

"This is a thrill, a big day for me," Walken said. "I'm not sure how I arrived at this place today, but one sure thing: I've been lucky. Thank you for this day."

The 61-year-old Oscar winner said he stamped prints of dancing shoes into the theater's cement, recalling his childhood training as a dancer.

"These are my favorite shoes," Walken said. Though the dancing shoes were crusted with cement, Walken joked that he might hang them off his car's rearview mirror.

Source: Yahoo Movies

The Backlot Loves Women

Now with four male writers, The Backlot is in need of a woman's touch.

Starting today we are looking for two female writers who would enjoy developing stories and topics around fashion, women's trends, news, relationships, etc.

If you feel like you would be a good fit on The Backlot, please e-mail or post in the comments section, and we'll set you up with your own little bungalow on the lot.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Michael Bay Blows Shit Up...Again.

"DreamWorks' Michael Bay-directed actioner "The Island" will be co-financed by Warner Bros., the studio has confirmed.

Following initial tensions over the pic's script and budget, a start date has been set for Oct. 25, with plans for a summer 2005 release
." Says Variety.

Michael Bay had this to say about The Island; 'It’s a sci-fi thriller, a very hard look at cloning and, no, it has nothing to do with The Island of Dr. Moreau, as has been reported. Steven Spielberg called me up and said, I really want you to read this spec script tonight. If you like it, I’ll buy it for you. And I’d love for you to direct it...

The Island has got a lot of human elements to it. I want audiences to think, would you, if you could, have a clone? I like The Island because it’s a smart movie but also very visual, in creating a world. I love movies where I can create my own world, whether it be 1940s Pearl Harbor, the space world of Armageddon, or the underground of Alcatraz for The Rock'

Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson will star with DreamWorks and Warner Brothers financing the picture.

Sources: CreativeMac Variety

Incubus Singer Arrested at N.Y. Airport

NEW YORK - The lead singer of the rock band Incubus was arrested for a carrying a switchblade in his bag while trying to board a plane on his way to a concert in North Carolina

Brandon Boyd, 28, was stopped Wednesday at LaGuardia Airport when baggage screeners spotted the knife in his carry-on luggage, said Lou Martinez, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates the airport.

Boyd admitted he accidentally left the knife in his bag and called the incident "my bad," spokeswoman Lois Najarian said.


"Best house in a leading role."

The Los Angeles Times has a great article on some of the homes that have been used in films throughout the years.

"It's like Attila the Hun coming to visit," says Jones ("Hellboy," "Gattaca," "The X Files"). "You've got more than a hundred people inside your house, all carrying equipment. Things will get dinged." Which is why respectable film companies have to pay homeowners so handsomely. Show business isn't for everyone, and it's not for every house. Many are called; few are chosen. But some are chosen again and again.

To read more, click here (reg. req'd).

The Govenator T-Shirt

Had this picked up at the Burbank Airport in Los Angeles.

If anyone wants one, I found a similar shirt on eBay here.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Bill S. 2195

On 10/6/04 the Senate passed bill S. 2195. Also known as the pro hormone bill. Check it out here This bill takes vitamins that are currently legal under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994(DSHEA) and makes them controlled substances. The bill is now at the House. All indications show it will be passed there as well. Then it's on the way to the President's desk.

I know this may not matter to most of you out there so I will keep it short. This strikes a nerve with me. This is the Government deciding what I can and cannot do. I feel I am more qualified to make that decision than any politician ever could. Plus it ignores the very foundation laid by the DSHEA, hell why even have it. My point is if George Bush and America didn’t need the U.N.’s permission to invade Iraq, then I surely don’t need George Bush’s permission to take my vitamins.

Oh No! American Gangster Dropped!!!

This is heart-breaking news for me!

Antoine Fuqua, just got canned by Universal, this was the re-teaming of Fuqua (Director) and Denzel Washington (actor) who both worked on Training Day!

'Days after director Antoine Fuqua ankled over creative differences, "American Gangster" has been rubbed out by Universal Pictures.

The film's cancellation came after the studio spent several days trying to find a director to replace Fuqua, one who might have given a hardcore crime film a broader commercial appeal. Ultimately, sources said studio brass decided that the developments would only escalate a budget that was hovering in the $80 million range and would be difficult to recoup given the subject matter.

Universal confirmed that the film was finished, citing time constraints and creative elements as its reason.

"We thank the actors and crew who worked on this project for their time and dedication," a spokesman said. "We look forward to making future projects with Denzel Washington, Benicio Del Toro and all of the individuals that were involved in the development of this project."' - Michael Fleming/Variety

I am devastated! When I found out what happened I'll write up the details for you.

Culkin Goes Gay.

"I don't want to sleep with Fuller. You know about him, he wets the bed. He'll pee all over me, I know it." - Home Alone

Not much to say about this other than to direct you to this link for the dirty details, it's just kind of a shock to know the little blonde boy has begun smoking hot pole - he ain't home alone no more!

The Secret Cheat Sheets II

Earlier this week, we at The Backlot broke the story on the “John Kerry Cheat Sheet” controversy. Not only that but we uncovered what those note cards contained. We are at it again! It appears that after Senator Kerry upset George W. Bush last Thursday, that candidates from both parties decided to employ this tactic in the Vice Presidential Debate this week. I, The Backlot’s chief political correspondent, have once again done some sleuthing and got a hold of these cards. Unfortunately the cards were not labeled as to which candidate wrote them but it shouldn’t be hard to figure out. Here is what I found:

“Man, your daughter is a lesbian. That’s hot!”

“Remember Cheney, Keep it real!”

“What Would Kerry Do”

“Note to self: Check my Haliburton stock after the debate”

“Don’t forget to mention that John Kerry was in Vietnam”

“Win one for the Dubya, because evidently he cannot”

“Don’t forget to show up tonight, like I keep forgetting to show up at the Senate”

“If he makes fun of my age say,”When 900 years old you are, look as good you will not”

"Have you or a loved one been injured or a victim of big insurance"

“If I start to lose, complain of chest pain”

And oddly enough we found about 10 cards filled with quotes from The Waltons

House passes bill imposing hefty fines over 'spyware'

(By Ted Bridis / AP Technology Writer)--Companies and others that secretly install “spyware” programs on people’s computers to quietly monitor their Internet activities would face hefty federal fines under a bill the House passed Tuesday.

The House proposal, known as the “Spy Act,” adds civil penalties over what has emerged as an extraordinary frustration for Internet users, whose infected computers often turn sluggish and perform unexpectedly. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Mary Bono, R-Calif., provides guidelines for technology companies that distribute software capable of most types of electronic monitoring. It requires that consumers explicitly choose to install such software and agree to the information being collected. The House voted 399-1 to approve the bill. The House separately was expected to approve another anti-spyware bill as early as Wednesday. That bill, sponsored by Rep. Robert Goodlatte, R-Va., provides for additional criminal penalties
The House bill approved Tuesday explicitly permits snooping software built by the FBI or spy agencies secretly collecting information under a court order or other legal permissions affecting federal departments.
The bill’s bans against spyware would begin 12 months after it becomes law and would automatically expire after 2009.
-- -- --
The House bill approved Tuesday is H.R. 2929; the bill expected to pass as early as Wednesday is H.R. 4661.

This is an interesting bill because I would say over 50% of the spyware out there the consumer actually approves to be loaded (i.e. KAZAA). This may help persuade some not to write this type of software, but I have a feeling that most of the software developers covered their ass in the EULA. Meanwhile I will continue to BankRoll off this goldmine by charging consumers to remove it.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Eminem Beefs Up 'Encore'

By Jonathan Cohen

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Although details remain tightly under wraps, Billboard has learned that Eminem's upcoming album, "Encore," will be available in a special collector's edition.

Due Nov. 16 via Shady/Interscope, the boxed set will feature 25 glossy photo inserts, full album lyrics, an exclusive Eminem photo and an exclusive free ringtone.

"Encore" is tipped to include a bonus disc of songs that have leaked online. First single "Just Lose It" bowed last week at No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100, and it's the highest-debuting airplay-only track of the year to date.

Movie Theaters Berating its Customers...Again.

The MPAA is at it again with its latest Fight Piracy ad campaign.

LAist has the details; "...a young with a Internet-ready computer in her room (man, kids these days are so spoiled) is doing her nails, picking her fashion choices for a night out and talking on the phone — all while she downloads a movie off the Internet.

The spot goes on to ask a room of faceless movie-goers who have paid in excess of $10 for an evening at the movies if (a) you'd ever steal a car, (b) or a DVD, (c) or your mother's brand new liver. And since, no, you wouldn't — why would you illegally download a movie on your computer? It is a shoddily made, MTV-wananbe, jerky camera-angled spot that is starting to give people aneurisms around town."

Okay, stop right there. My first question is what they are they bothering me for? I paid for a fucking ticket. If I am willing to pay for a ticket, odds are I'm certainly not downloading movies off the internet. Dumbasses.

This is my personal opinion on the issue. If you have ever downloaded a movie, you're a moron. You're a waste of space. Why?

One, you'll wait hours upon hours for the movie to finish downloading, and it probably isn't even the movie you were looking for, so you'll have to download multiples just to get what you want.

Two, you have no taste and don't expect quality. You're willing to watch a film on a tiny ass monitor with probably shitty eMachines speakers on your desk filled with filled ashtrays and porno mags that have been crusted together from your stale cum because you can't clean up after you finish off.

And three, I fucking hate you because you make me sit through PSA's that have absolutely nothing to do with me. Yeah, you're the fucking man, you're sticking it to them, you're sending a message alright... you're a small minded chimp that should be shot to rid the world of your useless body.

Okay, I'm done. Go about your blogging. :)

Britney on a Rampage.

Britney fires back!

Lately she's been caught tossing milkshakes at photographers when she's not groping K-Fed's crotch on balconies, and now she's turned to dispensing Coke products onto the clothing of paparazzi following her around town.

What's next, Red Bull?

(Photo Credit:

Good Charlotte: Duff Edition.

When did Good Charlotte really start to suck? When Joel Madden started banging the 16 year old Hilary Duff.

This new CD of theirs; 'The Chronicles Of Life And Death' just reeks of infectious little pop beats and 80's melodies. Wonder how that happened. Two things. Their producer probably straight up told them; 'if you don't go pop, you'll get dropped.' Because that's all that apparently sells anymore, because 14-16 year old girls decide what type of music should be on the market, and what we should be watching on television. Little bitches.

And then there's Hilary Duff. I smell her seal of approval all over this one. Ugh.

And for some reason, in a majority of the tracks, Joel Madden seems to think we all give a fuck about his personal life, which he feels the need to whine about verse after verse. No one really cares, however it is pretty friggin' tragic that someone like Duff is infecting your work to be watered down punk. What, you wanted more air-play on KIIS FM?

Looks like you got it with this CD...

Jiffy Lube Diet.

Everyone in L.A. is in on the craze.

Sex in a Bar Bathroom - Legal?

ROME (Reuters) - Making love in a bar lavatory does not breach public decency laws so long as the door is shut, an Italian court ruled on Tuesday.

A Swiss couple was accused of committing obscene acts after the owner of a bar in the northern Italian town of Como caught them having sex in the lavatory, Ansa news agency reported.
State prosecutors demanded a six-month prison term for the un-named male defendant and a five-month term for his partner.

But Judge Luciano Storaci threw out the case, saying public decency was not offended because the door was closed.

However, he fined the Swiss man 200 euros ($246) for breaking the lock on the lavatory after he was caught with his trousers down.

"If the barman had given me time to get dressed then nothing would have happened," Ansa quoted the Swiss woman as saying.

Paramount Set to Distribute Jay-Z Doc.

'It's the Roc!'

Paramount recently aquired the rights to distribute the documentary 'Fade to Black,' about the life and career of Hip-Hop star Jay-Z.

The film is said to focus specifically on Jay-Z's concert series with R. Kelly, which Reuter's Chris Gardner calls; 'a once-in-a-lifetime event,' as well as his last album 'Fade to Black.'

Hova's documentary supposedly drops into theaters November 5th.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Frou Frou: Details.

Okay, so normally I don't review music. But this is a rare exception.

I picked up Frou Frou: Details, after streaming it off Rhapsody all last night, and it was so totally worth the money. It's like...Dido...but cooler...less depressing, and really fucking hip.

And did I mention the lead singer chick? Her name's Imogen. And she's hot. But not like, hot in the skanky I-wanna-fuck-you-raw-even-with-that-open-wound-you-have-in-a-back-alley kind of sense of Britney Spears. No, she comes off as slightly intimidating, totally independent, and very smart with how she delivers her lyrics.

I'm totally sold, and can't wait for their next release.

Disneyland Sued Over Fatal Accident on Ride.

'LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The Walt Disney Co. was sued on Tuesday by the family of a man who died on a Disneyland ride last year, and by four other passengers injured in the derailment of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride.

The three separate lawsuits, filed in Orange County Superior Court, seek unspecified general and punitive damages for the death of 22-year-old Marcelo Torres and injuries suffered by other passengers in the Sept. 5, 2003, accident.

The lawsuit accuses Disney of failing to provide enough training for ride operators and of cutting costs so deeply that maintenance on rides has been dangerously neglected.

The suit says Big Thunder Mountain operators were afraid to take the train out of operation, even after hearing unusual noises, because of an "atmosphere of intimidation" created by Disney management.'

As much as I love Disneyland, a mistake was made, and the families should be taken care of...

Dimension Gets 'The Ghost.'

Dimension puts a lot of good movies into development, and some not so good movies (::cough:: Scary Movie)...

One that got optioned recently actually looks interesting, a new take, if you will, on a tired genre.

It's called The Ghost, and is an American adaptation of the Korean horror film 'Ryeong.' I suppose Dimension saw the potential when DreamWorks did their version of The Ring back in 2002.

The Ghost's Log Line Reads: 'A teenage girl suffering from amnesia discovers that she is somehow connected to a group of people who are being killed off one by one by a vengeful ghost.'

Roy Lee, Doug Davison and Sonny Mallhi will produce (who are with Vertigo Entertainment).

Sounds cool to me. Revenge movies are cool, throw in a pissed off ghost, and you've sold me a ticket.

By the way, anyone seen that new trailer for the Sarah Michelle Gellar movie The Grudge?

If not, check it out here and tell me what you think!

Is Anakin Skywalker gonna have to force-choke a bitch?

AICN reports that in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Anakin Skywalker chokes Padme which is the precursor to the final duel between him and Obi-Wan.

Personally, I couldn't care less, but the talk back section provided the title for this post and I really couldn't pass up using it.

Dennis Quaid Strikes Again.

This actually looks good.
It's a remake of the 1965 version that starred my boy James Stewart.

Flight of the Phoenix

ABC isn't so Desperate After All.

ABC's Desperate Housewives premiere won against the competition Sunday night, putting a lagging ABC back in the game with 21 million viewers.

NBC and CBS trailed Sunday with their premieres of Law & Order: Criminal Intent (10.7 million viewers), and Cold Case (11.3 million).

If you missed it and still want to catch the premiere episode, it looks as if ABC will be rebroadcasting the episode on Saturday night. Check you local listings for times, as they may vary.

Also, if you dig Desperate Housewives and live in Los Angeles, stop by Universal Studios for the Tram Tour, as the show has taken over the backlot.

Indiana Jones IV...Finally?

Canal+ interviewed Steven Spielberg recently, in which he stated that after he completed War of the Worlds (which should begin production in November), Indiana Jones is a go in early 2005.

After Frank Darabont turned in his version of the script, George Lucas didn't agree with parts of the story, and decided to take a pass at it himself. No word if he's completed his version as of yet.

All I've got to say is hurry the fuck up. Harrison Ford isn't getting any younger.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Pimp My Ride!

I just got my ride pimped!

John Kerry: The Secret Cheat Sheet Edition.

On September 30th, Presidential nominee John Kerry faced off with George W. Bush for 90 minutes, tackling issues like foreign policy and the war in Iraq.

Days later, conservative bloggers and the media alike (particularly Fox News) took to the notion that John Kerry had used cheat sheets in the debate, which was against the rules. What did the cheat sheets say? What kind of information was printed on them to assist him on edging out a win on the debate? The minds on The Backlot put together a pretty solid list of what they may have contained:

“Appeal to the troops by offering an extra Heinz ketchup packet with their rations.”

“Whatever I do, don’t mention 87 billion dollars.”

“If I get nervous, imagine Dubya in his underwear and an oversized novelty cowboy hat.”

"Don't let the people forget: I served in Vietnam and earned 3 Purple Hearts."

“Remember: Teresa will kick my ass if I loose.”

"I'm going to Waffle House if I win this debate"

“Even if I suck, at least I'm not George W. Bush.”

“Whatever I do, don't mention what I have invented.”

“Remember: I'm behind a podium. Nobody can see my erection when I see John Edwards in the crowd (or for that matter, the Bush twins).”

“Mention that this is the wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time, because Swift Boats can’t go on sand.”

“Remember: No matter how hard I lie, people cannot tell, for my face doesn’t move anymore.”

“Thank God Ralph Nader isn’t here.”

Man Mistakenly Cuts Off Penis, Dog Eats It.

"I confused it with the chicken's neck" is not an acceptable answer to this ordeal.

BUCHAREST (Reuters) - A elderly Romanian man mistook his penis for a chicken's neck, cut it off and his dog rushed up and ate it, the state Rompres news agency said Monday.

It said 67 year-old Constantin Mocanu, from a village near the southeastern town of Galati, rushed out into his yard in his underwear to kill a noisy chicken keeping him awake at night."I confused it with the chicken's neck," Mocanu, who was admitted to the emergency hospital in Galati, was quoted as saying. "I cut it ... and the dog rushed and ate it."Doctors said the man, who was brought in by an ambulance bleeding heavily, was now out of danger.

He Ain't Dennis Miller...

I'd like to welcome the newest member to The Backlot, James Anderson.

Currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, James will be our quirky, political commentary editor. So if you don't agree with his views, feel free to personally berate him in the talk back section.

I know I will!

He-Man Gets a Second Chance

John Woo is making a live action He-Man. God, help us.

Anyone remember Masters of the Universe back in 1987?
Dolph motherfuckin' Lundgren on your ass.

Adam Rifkin wrote the draft that was picked up by Fox 2000. Lion Rock will produce it with John Woo and Terence Chang getting the producer creds.

Log line: He-Man begins his life as Prince Adam, the hybrid of an Earthling and an Eternian. When he turns 18, he is taken to Castle Grayskull, where he receives super powers.

And of course, John Woo is set to direct this masterpiece.


Hollywood Mourns a Legend...

It is with great regret that I report that Janet Leigh has passed away, she was 77.

You may not remember her name, but surely you remember her roles. Just a few to be mentioned are Marion Crane, in Hitchcock's 'Psycho'. Frank Sinatra's love interest Rose Chaney, in 'The Manchurian Candidate.' Charleton Heston's wife Susie Vargas in 'Touch of Evil.'

Timeless films, timeless roles.

She passed Sunday with her husband and two daughters (Jamie Lee Curtis and Kelly Curtis) at her side.

Leigh had suffered from vasculitis, an inflammation of the blood vessels for the past year, John Rogers, from the AP reports.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Bloggin' in Baghdad.

Jay (probably an aka), has a sweet little blog set up here:

Looks like he just set it up, and it's looking great.

I'd like those of you who visit this site, to pay a visit to his, and drop a few words of thanks, I'm sure he'd really appreciate the time you spend with him on his blog, being that he's stuck all the way over there representing us and this country we're living in.

So step away from solitaire and holla at this cat.

Disney Options Crap. Again.

Just last week in a conference, President Bob Iger stated that Disney, basically; '...will focus more of its resources on the family friendly, and more successful, line of Disney-branded pics and away from more adult-friendly Touchstone pics, which have fared poorly at the box office recently.'

And then Friday Walt Disney Pictures picks up a script titled; 'Hip Hop Nanny' for a low six figure deal (probably $300,000-$400,000).

The log line reads:

'A Scottish woman comes to the United States to work as a nanny for a hip hop/rap family.'

Memo to Iger: Fox did this crap back in 1993!

What the hell is that!? Mrs. Doubtfire meets Method & Redman!? What demographic reads that this will be successful?

Oh well. It does wonders for your ego though. If crap like this can get bought, I could pretty much just masturbate onto a piece of paper and pitch it to the suits. It'd totally get sold (low to mid six figures).

Experts Detect Tremor at Mount St. Helens.


"...we feel an eruption is imminent, or is in progress," said U.S. Geological Survey geologist Tom Pierson. He said Saturday afternoon that an explosion probably would happen within the next 24 hours"

Well holy shit. Where's Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton when you need them?

"Get the hell out of there now, before it's too late!"

Ad Tunes.

A great site to help you track down those tracks you've heard on commercials but just can't place.

Disneyland: Jungle Fever Edition.

Now that Paul Pressler's out and Matt Quimet is in, huge changes are happening at 'The Happiest Place on Earth,' just in time for the 50th Anniversary next year.

All throughout the summer many of the attractions and shops were under refurb, receiving new paint and much needed TLC. Even the long neglected Submarine Lagoon is finally seeing some action, where Imagineers are testing ride concepts for a new Finding Nemo attraction.

Now it's The Jungle Cruise's turn, and the latest edition of the cast member magazine 'Disneyland Line' has all the details:

'The classic Jungle Cruise experience will soon be restored with a thorough show refurbishment, a newly expanded spiel and the return of the simulated shots in the Hippo Pool.

“We want to get back into the vision and experience Walt Disney originally developed for the Jungle Cruise,” said Park Operations Director Jon Storbeck. “For the 50th anniversary of Disneyland®, many attractions are being refurbished to their original look, and we saw this as our opportunity to provide a classic experience for our Guests.”

Jon said the level of Guest interaction at the Jungle Cruise is what motivated the Attractions team to reevaluate the spiel.

“The spiel given by our Cast Members is an integral part of the show, and we have workshops planned to help them with their timing and delivery,” he said. “We added nearly 15 pages of material to give Cast Members options and ensure that our script would entertain a broad spectrum of age groups.”

In addition to the spiel already being used, Attractions Manager Jim Clegg said other classic elements will return including area-specific landscaping planned for early next year and the climactic end to the hippo scene returning Oct. 1.

“During the spring refurbishment, major show elements such as lighting, animation and landscaping will be improved,” Jim said. “The skippers will also resume firing warning shots to [chase away] the hippos. We perceived this as a classic part of the experience.”

Jim said he observed an increase in Guest compliments since the updated spiel training began.

“Guests have told us that it is the best experience they have had in years,” he said. “The enthusiasm of our Cast Members is what made these incredible results possible.”

Sharing in the enthusiasm is Jungle Cruise Lead Gerry York, who said the changes helped Cast Members find a renewed sense of pride in the attraction.

“All of the Jungle Cruise skippers are very excited about the changes and it shows in the experience we are providing for our Guests,” he said.

Los Angeles Dodgers Make Playoffs

...first time since '96.

I'm not a baseball fan, but I have to root for the home team. This is the first time the Dodgers have made the playoffs without Mike Piazza. Kind of gives hope to other sports in LA, as it was almost strictly a basketball town (until the dynasty crumbled earlier this year).

Would have been in the playoffs a lot earlier than this had Tommy Lasorda still been kicking up dust in the dugout. But no...he had to down a few thousand slimfast's and run around the United States traveling.

Did I mention I saw him last year in Nashville driving go-karts? I did. Craziest fucking thing you've ever seen. Like a scene out of your worst nightmare. At least he put down the milkshake and had two hands on the wheel.

But back to baseball. The Dodgers really can't get any better than this. They've got this crazy fool Milton Bradley...throwing a water bottle back into the stands after a 'fan' threw it out at him, his ass got yanked for the rest of the season. I'm always a supporter of strong player/fan relations.

Time will tell however if they were merely on a lucky streak, or if for once they actually have their act together. It would be nice to see Los Angeles in the finals, going for it all.

Let's hope they have the stamina to do so, lord knows this was unexpected to most of us, probably even them.

Steve Does The Warren Borthers. Wait...

This Friday (Oct. 8th), the episode I am in finally airs.

I put $5.00 down that I'm in it less that 3 seconds. Stephen S. at work apparently had some screen time in the episode he was in, but I only saw him in a shot for a quater of a second, if that.

Here's the run down of this episode:

'Time to Hit the Road.

Brad and Brett frantically get ready for their nationwide tour with country superstar Tim McGraw which starts on June 11, 2004. As the opening act, the guys will not only be trying to find a cheap Winnebago and finish rehearsals, but also pick out wardrobe, say goodbye to loved ones and wrestle with their business manager over finances.

In addition, they will be shooting a low budget music video for their first single "Sell a Lot of Beer" from their new album Well Deserved Obscurity. It's their first video in years.'

Remember: 9:00p.m. CST, CMT.

And no autographs, please.

The Addiction: Star Wars Battlefront.

I have spent way too much time with this game, and for once I don't feel guilty about it. Being able to do all the things you wanted as you watched the Star Wars trilogy as a kid is finally possible, and it's a total blast.

The multiplayer aspect is a little laggy, and they dropped the ball on a few features (content download, hello?), but overall, definitely worth the money, and the time.

Now if I can just get James to drop some dough for it...

Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Way to Build Interest.

Finally, someone got it right.

It just happened to be the crazy, disheveled guy that made Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson is sending video clips to fan site 'Kong is King', from the set of King Kong, his remake of the 1933 classic.

So far, nothing super fantastic for the general viewer, but for a true fan, it's nice to be able to have the chance to see the crew hard at work making this picture a reality. The lastest clip, titled; 'Day18' gives us a look at how the dump tanks work on the set of The SS Venture. Normally they use large tanks to release the water, but here, they're actually using mini tanks, however the end result is bigger than even what I had imagined. The waves that hit the set are strong and spread out, really giving the illusion of being tossed about in a huge storm.

Check it out:

My Little Welcome.

My friend James had started a small website over at Bravehost, and I recently visited. It made me miss being a part of the internet. Only six months ago, myself and a few friends had one of the most successful Battlefield 1942 online clans around, and we had a really kickin' website. Unfortunately we lost the love for it, and it fell from its glory.

I'm back now, and hopefully this will be a stepping stone to bigger things, and reinvigorate me to do something bigger soon.

We'll see, won't we?